Homeschool Reviews To Save You Time!

We add homeschool reviews of programs that meet or surpass our ten points for choosing a homeschool program, plus were a financial value considering what you receive. These homeschool reviews are listed because of years in existence, accreditation of all grades, combination curriculum format options up to high school, included achievement tests, record maintenance and online grades, teacher support options, K-12, nationwide, larger program, and high school science labs. These homeschool reviews include some benefits in addition to our ten points. Visit their websites for more information.

Homeschool Reviews:

Homeschool ReviewsSoutheast Academy Online:

Southeast Academy Online Website

  • In existence over 38 years.
  • PreK-2nd: Offers a booklet format for PreK-2nd. Both PreK and their “learning to read” Kindergarten programs also include a kit along with the booklets. The booklet format dovetails into an online or combo format at 3rd grade.
  • 3rd-5th: Offers three different options for 3rd-5th grades. Basic program using online curriculum. Premier Service program using online curriculum with SEA teachers scoring student work the system cannot autoscore. Elite Service program using online curriculum with academic concept help and scoring from SEA teachers. Both their “Premier” and Elite” online programs offer scoring assistance for writing assignments and phrase answers the system cannot score, which prevents parent burnout. The online curriculum for all programs have built-in digital tutors when the student may need additional information. Their “Elite” program provides academic help via several tools. Some school at home families have less relationship challenges when an outside teacher can provide academic help.
  • High school: Southeast Academy’s high school program includes their “Elite” program, which allows parents to focus on encouragement rather than concept tutoring. Students can interact with a subject teacher via several different methods to receive academic help. “Elite” also provides an additional person (along with the parents) that provides encouragement and motivation. Southeast Academy offers more comprehensive high school science labs than most online schools in case the student is heading toward college science courses.

Southeast Academy also offers:

  • They offer both a 10 month traditional school year and a flexible 12 month year round structure.
  • Free achievement testing.
  • More comprehensive high school science labs are available for students heading toward college science courses.
  • Offer a 10% discount for pastors, missionaries, or active military families.
  • Their office hours run earlier in the day than some alternatives because they are based on Eastern time. If ever needing to contact the office, Southeast Academy may be a benefit for early risers. ¬†(8am-4:30pm EST, 7am-3:30pm CST, 6am-2:30pm MST, 5am-1:30pm PST) Their teacher support features have more extended hours than these office hours.

Southeast Academy benefits over curriculum sellers:

  • High school diploma from an accredited school. Curriculum sellers are not accredited.
  • School number for college entrance tests and FAFSA (college financial aid).
  • Can reduce conflict, because the student knows someone else cares about his or her progress besides the parents.
  • With their online format, “Distinctive” and “Elite” programs include scoring assistance for writing assignments that computers cannot score, which prevents parent burnout.
  • For many states, easier state registration due to being an accredited school.
  • Less expensive when considering what you get.
  • Frees up parent time to focus on encouragement and specialty areas.

Southeast Academy benefits over many homeschool programs and online schools:

  • Dual accreditation for K-12th from ¬†Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS/CASI), plus from National Association of Private Schools. Most online schools do not have SACS/CASI accreditation in younger grade levels. SACS/CASI is recognized nationwide. They are also fully accredited for K-12 from the National Association of Private Schools (NAPS).
  • Pre-K through high school, so all siblings can be in same school.
  • Pre-K through high school, so student and parent gains efficiency from staying in same school.

Southeast Academy benefits over online charter schools:

  • Can stay with same program and procedures if the student should ever move.
  • Has a Christian worldview.
  • Less parental requirements and paperwork.